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FuranFlex Liner

FuranFlex® is a revolutionary solution for heat and corrosion-resistant lining of gas and oil heated chimneys. Its flexibility and ease of installation simply cannot be beat. For the ultimate in chimney lining, choose FuranFlex for your chimney lining needs.

No one knows America’s chimneys like Lifetime Chimney Supply. It’s our company mission to manufacture and supply the best commercial and industrial venting systems that are both safe and efficient for all your venting needs.

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We also offer technical assistance for contractors and engineering firms which include design, draft and structural calculations that can solve any job-site issues.

FuranFlex Black Series

FuranFlex Industrial Black Series
(Gas Applications)

FuranFlex Red Series

FuranFlex Industrial Red Series
(Oil and Dual Fuel Applications)

Vertical View of FuranFlex® Lining
Due to the special technology of FuranFlex, it can be used for straight and angled chimneys. Flues serving more heating appliances or with changing cross-sections can also be lined by FuranFlex®.

FuranFlex Liners

Achievable Cross-sections View of FuranFlex® Lining
Depending on the existing chimney and venting requirements, various cross-sections are possible when using FuranFlex®. These cross-sections can be achieved by touching the existing chimney walls. When existing chimney wall does not come in contact with FuranFlex®, only round cross-sections can be achieved.

FuranFlex Liners

  • Tested and listed to UL 1777 standard for venting category I gas and oil fired appliances
  • The 1st UL listed thermo setting resin composite chimney solution for dual fuel in the USA
  • 100% success rate in over 100 of New York’s largest chimney applications
  • Free job-site delivery
  • Same-day install date with support team on stand-by
  • Specifically made for chimney and venting industries
  • Utilizes every square inch of existing masonry chimney
  • No down sizing flue diameter when relining
  • The only solution for chimneys with offsets, bends and twists that is forged in a pressurized environment
  • Bypass chimney offsets easily eliminating costly demolition when using other outdated lining solutions
  • Stabilizes existing masonry structure from the inside out
  • Proven for the last 25 years in Europe & Asia’s most historical landmarks
  • 2 types of thermo setting resin composites:
    Black: Low heat gas applications
    Red: High heat oil fired applications and dual fuel
  • 10 year warranty on FuranFlex RWV
  • 25 year warranty on FuranFlex Black

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